KOMYO REIKI & DEEDS, to ponder

Hyakuten Inamoto Sensei (Founder of Komyo Reiki Kai) emphasizes again and again the importance of DEEDS : What you think, What you say, What you do, Mental, verbal & bodily DEEDS, All which make you a good Reiki… Read More

Komyo Reiki Retreat: About Zen, Zendo Hall

https://www.facebook.com/#!/komyoreiki.zen This is where monks, residents and retreat participants do ZAZEN, sitting meditation.

Period of Silence…Reiki Healing

Away from the familiar world to attend a parent who needs care. Reiki Healing helps me tremendously when I was emotionally and psychologically touched by a suffering of a parent. Seeing one of my parents in pain and… Read More

New Year’s wish…Reiki Healing to…

 Reiki Healing to Blue Planet called EARTH and it’s inhabitants…      

Unique opportunity to learn & practice Komyo Reiki in authentic Japanese Monastery

Don’t miss this opportunity to gather with fellow Komyo Reiki Shihans, to learn and practice Enlightenment Reiki, practice giving Reiju(Reiki attunement in Japanese Reiki) , in this serene and zen like setting of Dai Bosatsu Zendo.

Reiki & me in 1998:

Reiki and Me in 1998: I was visiting my family in my home country, Myanmar (Burma) and met Susanna (my 1st Reiki Master) through my high school friend. She worked as a Physician, in  one NGO, providing care to… Read More

Welcome to Komyo Reiki Healing & Meditation Retreat Blog…

A celebration of 150th birthday Anniversary of Usui Mikao, founder of Reiki