Komyo Reiki Retreat: some tips for your stay

Buddha watching across the lake

Where do I start: there’s no beginning or the end when preparing/ organizing for Komyo Reiki Retreat. Coordinating Sensei’s travel & stay as well as each participant’s travel plan/itinerary, diet and room preference is all ongoing. As registration… Read More

USUI Mikao, 150 Birthday Anniversary


Once, a Buddhist monk mentions in his blessing prayers for birthday, “Celebrating Birthday” means wishing for long & happy life. Celebrating Usui’s Sensei’s birthday is a celebration & giving thankfulness, gratitude to Reiki Healing Art or Method called “ USUI… Read More

Komyo Reiki Retreat: What is the Sound of Silence by Red Dog Reiki

Shihan Elly Phillips

In memory of Shihan Sister, Ellen Phillips, Elly. This is her last writing on her Blog. I will miss her and her rare talent of writing. And she will be with all of us in this retreat, in… Read More

Komyo Reiki Retreat: Nurturing the Nurturers

Water Fall on the way to Monastery at DBZ

Komyo Reiki Retreat is for Reiki Masters Teachers/Reiki Practitioners, Healers, Health care Professionals, Nurses. We live in the world of distractions, gadget oriented life and constant external solicitation, the only way to go within is to withdraw from… Read More

150 Anniversary- Reiki Community in Peace & Harmony

Healing the Blue Planet The Earth

Pondering on celebrating 150th Birthday Anniversary of USUI, Mikao, founder of Reiki, all Reiki practitioners of all lineages are invited to 2015 Komyo Reiki Retreat. It is time to have Peace & Harmony within Reiki Community. The teachings… Read More

What is Komyo Reiki?

Direct translation of Komyo Reiki is Enlightenment Reiki. Komyo Reiki is a gateway to spiritual awakening and to SATORI. Komyo Reiki is a “Hayashi Shiki (style) Usui Reiki Ryoho”. Komyo Reiki is a “keep-it-simple” Reiki system and practice…. Read More

Celebration of 150 Anniversary Birthday of USUI Mikao, founder of Reiki

Celebration of 150 Anniversary Birthday of USUI Mikao, the founder of Reiki

Welcome to Komyo Reiki Healing & Meditation Retreat Blog…

A celebration of 150th birthday Anniversary of Usui Mikao, founder of Reiki