Komyo Reiki Retreat: some tips for your stay

Buddha watching across the lake

Where do I start: there’s no beginning or the end when preparing/ organizing for Komyo Reiki Retreat.

Coordinating Sensei’s travel & stay as well as each participant’s travel plan/itinerary, diet and room preference is all ongoing. As registration process is on the way for some Reiki Masters , choice on rooms are more & more limited.

Komyo Reiki Shinpiden manuals are also en route for the Class.

Here’s some suggestion on clothing: Dai Bosatsu Zendo is located in Catskill mountains, at >2000 feet above sea level, mornings and evening would be cool. Layered clothing is suggested( that’s too for covering with Robe in formal events), also bring a light jacket in your suitcase. Loose and comfortable clothes like yoga pants are great in this place. Those who wish to go out for a walk in the nature, insect repellent might be useful. If you are not restricted by weight limitation(those taking plane), bring a small flash light to see your way when walking back & forth between Joraku-An & Zendo at night. If you cannot carry a flash light, do not worry, there are always spare flash lights at both places.

Nights in DBZ are naturally lightened up by moon & stars.

That’s the place where we can admire the whole constellation at night and I personally enjoy that. You can see Venus just above your head and 3 sisters smiling at you.

Oh very important for electro-technocrat, sorry to disappoint you but there’s no cell phone reception. If you really need to call outside world, bring a phone card. There’s a public telephone cabin in Zendo. With advance 4G, there might be some random spots on the mountain where you can catch a reception but so transitory.

Bring all medications/ supplements you are taking regularly.

See you soon.

Wishing you all safe trip.

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