Advance Reiki Class: Day 2

Started with Reiki Share: 15 minutes of Reiki Mahawashi sent me directly into white bright light! Some Moms appreciate as a gift for Mothers’ Day.

All students felt the power of 4th Shirushi (symbol). Explanation on how to use the 4th symbol would be never finished yet each reiki practitioner can use his/her own imagination in using this symbol.

Wow! How fortunate we are to be one with Great Bright Light! To be in it’s presence. I felt immense gratitude to be able to teach this class.

We ended the class with Meditation on Meet your Reiki Guide( William Rand’s). My Reiki Guide, Ba Ba appears always the same.

Followings are the comments of newly certified Advance reiki Practitioners:

Adv.Reiki class:

Although I had been initiated by a Reiki Master over 15 years ago, I had not been as active and diligent as I should have been with Reiki practice. This 2-Day Advanced Reiki Class with Thin Thin helped me realign my spiritual and mental spine that had been crying for help. How precious and gratifying to know that healing energy such as Reiki is readily available to those who wish to have it.  Anyone can teach the Reiki symbols (as long as you’ve gone through the Reiki Master training), but I strongly believe that it takes someone like Thin Thin to teach the true principles of Reiki – not in words but in deeds. Her non-judgemental, caring personality made all the difference in my understanding of the roles that Reiki practitioners play. Thank you. It was such a honor to receive this training from you. 


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