Advanced Reiki Class 1st DAY

Universe brought me all attendees safe and sound to the class.

Started with Reiki Share as there were non-Reiki Practitioners. Opening Group Meditation was so intense that Reiki practitioners and non-Reiki practitioners had hard time to separate, after the Reiki share.

Every participant noticed the difference in energy level before and after attunement.

There was one Reiki Master repeating and who wanted to know absolutely what symbols were used for attunement, as his vision during attunement in prior Master class was different. He was reminded that as Reiki Master, we all learnt how to do attunement. Some see colors (mostly purple) during attunement.

Noticed usual signs of Reiki Healing: increase in frequency of urinating, increase in hunger.

Privilege of having two Japanese Reiki Practitioners reciting Reiki Precepts in Japanese.

Practice feeling the Energy of each individual Reiki II symbols is fun & intrigueing for some.

Each participant brings lunch and share with others. Dishes were super healthy and delicious, respects Microbiotic except butternut squash soup.

Class ended with sending distant Reiki to people and goals.


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