Komyo Reiki Kai- Healing & Meditation Retreat, Reiki Masters

Following is a part of Preparation on Komyo Reiki Retreat: During past weeks, while I am handling with questions, registrations related to KRR(Komyo Reiki Retreat), I would like to express my humble gratitude to the Reiki Masters who… Read More

Komyo Reiki Healing & Meditation Retreat: Registration

Once again, I am grateful for all those helping me manifesting this event. As we are approaching to the end of April, some material aspect of this retreat coming into play. Only those who registered ( with deposit… Read More

Komyo Reiki: Reiki Lineage

General meaning of Lineage is The descendants of one individual, family tree, geneology, direct descent from a particular ancestor. In some tradition, Lineage is the term who used to describe who initiated you. A ritual might or might… Read More

Komyo Reiki Retreat: Meditation

All teachers advise to meditate. What is the purpose of meditation? We know the outer world of sensations and actions, but of our inner world of thoughts and feelings we know very little. The primary purpose of meditation… Read More

The Retreat

Retreat Meaning:   The noun RETREAThas 6 senses: 1. (military) withdrawal of troops to a more favorable position to escape the enemy’s superior forces or after a defeat 2. a place of privacy; a place affording peace and… Read More

The Empty Mirror, a book to share: About a student of Zen

  A dear friend of mine gave this book as a present when we are all students of Zen. This book is also one of the books in the  Library of  Dai Bosatsu Zendo. The Empty Mirror Book has a… Read More

Komyo Reiki Retreat: About Zen, Zendo Hall

https://www.facebook.com/#!/komyoreiki.zen This is where monks, residents and retreat participants do ZAZEN, sitting meditation.

Unique opportunity to learn & practice Komyo Reiki in authentic Japanese Monastery

Don’t miss this opportunity to gather with fellow Komyo Reiki Shihans, to learn and practice Enlightenment Reiki, practice giving Reiju(Reiki attunement in Japanese Reiki) , in this serene and zen like setting of Dai Bosatsu Zendo.

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A celebration of 150th birthday Anniversary of Usui Mikao, founder of Reiki