Hyakuten Inamoto Sensei, Founder and Teacher of Komyo Reiki

This is the Biography on Hyakuten Inamoto Sensei, founder of Komyo Reiki, based on my life experience.

My first encounter with  Hyakuten Sensei was in Asheville, NC, Komyo Reiki Shinpiden work shop. It was in April 2005, where my friend Nita & me traveled to Asheville. I was amazed by the simplicity of his teaching.  In addition to his personality of being outspoken yet humble, humoristic at times, I learn some thing deeper at each class I re-sitting.

Deeper in several aspects: personal growth, reiki practice, connection with the source.

There were some teachings in Komyo Reiki Shinpiden class which emphasizes on the importance of own spiritual practice of a Reiki Teacher/ practitioner, leading he or she to become a good Reiki Master/ Teacher, Reiki Practitioner. I said to myself, that makes sense. Reiki is a gift of Universe and you are responsible to keep, hold, cherish and to pass on, share with others, as pure and intact as possible. In order to do that you need to cleanse yourself, your Reiki conduite as Hyakuten Sensei mentioned. In other words, get rid of your garbage (your ego based living), before giving Reiki to someone else.

In 2008, we had opportunity to travel for a month, to Asia. Our first destination was Japan. We were very fortunate that one of my reiki students from Japan, met us at Narita Airport and we took the bullet train to Kyoto, under her guidance. I called Hyakuten Sensei from Tokyo train station, told him which train we would be taking.

While checking in at Hotel reception in Kyoto, I felt that I had to look back, and Sensei was there. After some rest, we went out for dinner. The next day, another Reiki student of mine, from Tokyo, came to join us and we all headed to Kuramayama in generous company of Sensei.

We all received Reiju on top of Kuramayama, unforgettable moment.

Sensei is more than a guide, a companion of all Reiki visitors who come, visit and pay homage to Kuramayama, the mountain, on where Usui Sensei received Reiki, following 21 days fasting. Hyakuten Sensei embodies Reiki and the Birth place of Reiki.

We also had opportunity to attend Sensei’s Reiki share in Kyoto, in one of the temples. I was impressed with multiethnicity present in the Reiki share. I met Reiki practitioners from France, Australia, Zen monk from Poland and so on…

I am deeply honored to be able to host  Komyo Reiki Retreat, Komyo Reiki Shinpiden Class taught by Sensei, in a healing ground like Dai Bosatsu Zendo. It is my way of  expressing Gratitude to Hyakuten Sensei.