Recommendations received for Komyo Reiki Zen via Linkedin

Recommendations received for Komyo Reiki Zen via Linkedin

Inamoto Hyakuten

Student, 京都外語大学 (business partner)
was a consultant or contractor to you

“Komyo Reiki Zen is an excellent coordinator/organizer at Komyo Reiki Healing and Meditation Retreat. I’m very appreciative of their good job.” January 13, 2013

 Mari Hall

Founder and Director, International Association of Reiki (colleague)
worked with you

“Komyo’s passion is Teaching Reiki, in communion with Reiki energy. Another of Komyo’s Passions is shiatsu, teaching & practice. Kyomo’s strengths are Sensitive to Energy(know what is wrong/ right in energy of another person), Practices reiki as a spiritual Path,and Coordinating/ organizing event/ classes.”January 16, 2013

 Lilia V. Marquez

 Author, Speaker, Motivator, Holistic Health Counselor/Coach, Reiki Teacher, NGH Consulting Hypnotist, Lilia V. Marquez (colleague)
worked directly with you

“Komyo Reiki Kai Retreat is intended for any Reiki Master/Teacher interested to learn and teach Japanese Reiki regardless of their Reiki School/Style/Lineage.”August 9, 2012