Komyo Reiki Kai- Healing & Meditation Retreat, Reiki Masters

Following is a part of Preparation on Komyo Reiki Retreat:

During past weeks, while I am handling with questions, registrations related to KRR(Komyo Reiki Retreat), I would like to express my humble gratitude to the Reiki Masters who registered and sent the copy of their Reiki Master Certificates.

I am touched by their trust, their Reiki journey as well as their Reiki energy that I feel through these Reiki Master certificates.

On the other hand, the Zen Monastery, Dai bosatsu Zendo(where Komyo Reiki Retreat will be held) has its own requirements and guidelines to keep up with. I realized where I am walking on.

The agenda/ program of the retreat will be reviewed by Hyakuten Sensei ( Founder & Teacher of Komyo Reiki) as well as Zen Monastery, before approval of both parties.

Retreat participants start planning for their travel. Information requested on meals, preferences on room and commute, etc.

What’s an exciting period…

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