Komyo Reiki Retreat: 1st in New York

Komyo Reiki Retreat was concluded with success, the outcome achieved was positive and rewarding. The weather was also generous, with warm temperatures, abundant sunshine, misty lake in the morning, all elements of nature were in place and in full bloom.

Around 30 people attended Reiki history presented by Hyakuten Inamoto Sensei & Reiki Share on Friday evening, include retreat attendees RMTs, sangha members of Dai Bosatsu Zendo & Visitors.


All attendees have their name plates in Zendo, for Zazen. Some were very excited to      see they have Zafu & Zabuton set of their own.

I am still touched by how all Reiki Masters cope with demanding schedule of class, 5   am wake up bell, early meditation(Zazen) and formal breakfast. We were honored by presence of the Abbot, Shinge Roshi, performing Morning Service, participating formal/ informal meals with our group.

Saturday night’s informal meal was over the top standard, to celebrate Sensei’s Birthday and another Sangha member Junko san’s. Surprise performance of Drums & dance by Baba Toni & Carmen, cheered up every one present. Thank you Manu & Lan San for inviting them.
I am grateful of every single person who asssited/ helped to make this event grandiose. Include are My teacher Hyakuten Inamoto Sensei, Peter (My spouse & life companion), Jodo San (head monk at DBZ), Yusen & Anne Dowling(Tenzo), all the monks, residents/ sanghas, Mark Dodd (Zen Transit/ Ohashiatsu Alumni) and all RMTs and spouse attended this Retreat.

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