Komyo Reiki Retreat and Komyo Reiki Shinpiden Class

People asked what is the difference of Komyo Reiki Retreat and regular Komyo Reiki Shinpiden class?

The first aspect is the Retreat: retreating from the routine( distance and space wise), activities, from the aspect of DOING. Focusing on self, on practice, on Reiki(Komyo Reiki) Practice. Nuturing yourself in Nature, surrounded by like minded people, in the presence of Hyakuten Sensei, in proximity and in introduction to Zen practice, enjoy having delicious vegetarian meals. Above all these, practising and learning Komyo Reiki in authentic Japanese monastery, is the essence of Komyo Reiki Retreat.

Komyo Reiki is a gateway to spiritual awakening and to Satori(Enlightenment).

This reiki retreat is to move ourselves closer to the gateway.

We will be waken up by natural sounds, gongs and bells of monastery. All retreat participants are invited to join morning meditation, Zen meditation Zazen, to share meal (s) with Sangha community of Dai Bosatsu Zendo( monks, nuns, residents and volunteers), using 3 bowls.

There will be an evening of Reiki share, Reiki offering to Sangha Community.

The agenda/ program of Retreat will be posted very soon.

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