Komyo Reiki Retreat- My Reiki Journey I

Continue from Reiki & Me in 1998 ( previous post 12/21/2011):

My Reiki practice was among friends and family, when I was in Switzerland.

Reiki energy was re-ignited when I started Ohashiatsu Practice, which is also one of hand-on healing modalities, in New York.

I took the Reiki Master class with William Rand in 2004, where I met these beautiful beings, with whom I shared Reiki Forever Group. Some of group members are more involved than others and we send Reiki per request, have discussion on a particular subject, share information on Reiki, Reiki practitioners( Referrals) and stay in touch until now.

My Reiki Teaching started right after, by word of mouth, to students & practitioners of Ohashiatsu. Needless to say, it is so simple to teach, as they are already in touch with Ki and the concept. Their hands are as warm/hot as Reiki practitioners. Some came back from Japan which makes my ego take a flight.

To be continued…


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