Pre- Komyo Reiki Retreat 2013

The Majority of this year’s participants are returning/ repeating Shihans from last year’s Komyo Reiki Retreat. I am grateful of the trust and friendship seeded from last year’s reiki retreat, which formed this year’s group. We were in the period of Blue Moon, where energy generally was intense. Thunderstorm on Thursday (the day before the retreat starts) cleansed up all the residuals, resulted with power outage on Thursday night, while Sensei and myself were reviewing the agenda. We were told the power outage usually lasts few hours and asked by the monks, if we wish to stay over at monastery for the night. Power outage was affected in Joraku-an(wher I planned to spend the night on my own) and O-an cottage in the middle of the wood(where Sensei settled as a hermit during the period of reiki retreat). We lighted up candles and continued the process of reviewing  Komyo Reiki Retreat’s agenda.

Then suddenly the generator stopped working, candles blowned out by whatever reason it was. I mentioned Sensei to use the flashlight in case he needs to go to his cottage. I could not find Sensei after I returned with the lighter, calling out for him was in vain, as if I was by myself in the dark of Joraku-An, residential stone guest house, once called Beecher’s House. A thought passed through in my mind “Is Sensei testing me? ” Reminding me that Sensei always find us when we’re waiting or expecting him, don’t need to look for him, he also knows if someone is calling on the phone and when this phone call comes in. This is based on several occasions when I am around Sensei or expecting to see him.

To resume the story, Sensei showed up after few minutes. When I asked where he was, Sensei replies ” there was no toilet flush, so I am trying to find out why, my answer was ” Sensei, the running water stopped as the generator stopped running. Power came back few minutes later!

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