Komyo Reiki Retreat: Registration-Discount till 04/30/15

Few words on registration of 2015 Komyo Reiki Retreat:

Take advantage of discount rate till 30 April 2015.  And of course shared rooms with 2 beds until it lasts.

Private Rooms were quickly sold out.

Reminder for oversea participants( So far japan, Europe): $100 Rebate applied.

First come first serve basis for repeating Komyo Reiki Shihans.

One Comment on “Komyo Reiki Retreat: Registration-Discount till 04/30/15

  1. Hi…I am experiencing difficulty in finding how to register for the retreat. I am coming for the retreat as a returning Shihan…I have been asked to replace Heather Schmidt because she has just had her baby…how would you like to handle that..I could directly make payment to Heather or pay you Thin Thin and you reimburse her…whichever is fine with me…I am still trying to ascertain whether or not Stan will be able to come….I would also like to pay the extra $60 dollars for Friday night…Please let me know….how to find the registration form and how you would like to handle the money…I look forward to being with the Komyo group again…warm thoughts and cherry blossoms for you…Kathleen

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