The Road to Komyo Reiki Retreat: Only 1 month left

To all participants of Komyo reiki Retreat,

Komyo Reiki Retreat

We are now one month away from the retreat.
My teacher, Hyakuten Sensei confirmed his travel dates.

Do you know that you will receive Manual for Komyo Reiki Shinpiden Class, it’s on Prep…
The manual includes all Four levels( Chuden, Shoden, Okuden & Shinpiden) of Komyo Reiki.

For returning Shihans, kindly bring your recent manuals.

Beside the Manual, You will receive Hyakuten Sensei’s teaching just from his presence alone…JUST BEING!
He shares his enriching spiritual insights in his classes.


I wish that all of you have your travel plans and itineraries.
Some Reiki Masters offer car pools from Boston, Scranton (Airport) PA.

If you have any question or concern, kindly contact me.
Thank you all for your registration with prompt payment.

Thin Thin

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