Advance Reiki Class: Day 2

Started with Reiki Share: 15 minutes of Reiki Mahawashi sent me directly into white bright light! Some Moms appreciate as a gift for Mothers’ Day. All students felt the power of 4th Shirushi (symbol). Explanation on how to… Read More

Komyo Reiki Retreat and Komyo Reiki Shinpiden Class

People asked what is the difference of Komyo Reiki Retreat and regular Komyo Reiki Shinpiden class? The first aspect is the Retreat: retreating from the routine( distance and space wise), activities, from the aspect of DOING. Focusing on… Read More

Komyo Reiki Healing & Meditation Retreat: Registration

Once again, I am grateful for all those helping me manifesting this event. As we are approaching to the end of April, some material aspect of this retreat coming into play. Only those who registered ( with deposit… Read More

Advanced Reiki Class 1st DAY

Universe brought me all attendees safe and sound to the class. Started with Reiki Share as there were non-Reiki Practitioners. Opening Group Meditation was so intense that Reiki practitioners and non-Reiki practitioners had hard time to separate, after the Reiki share. Every… Read More

Komyo Reiki: Reiki Lineage

General meaning of Lineage is The descendants of one individual, family tree, geneology, direct descent from a particular ancestor. In some tradition, Lineage is the term who used to describe who initiated you. A ritual might or might… Read More

Komyo Reiki Retreat- My Reiki Journey I

Continue from Reiki & Me in 1998 ( previous post 12/21/2011): My Reiki practice was among friends and family, when I was in Switzerland. Reiki energy was re-ignited when I started Ohashiatsu Practice, which is also one of… Read More

Upcoming Advanced Reiki Class, Usui Reiki Ryoho

Advanced Reiki Class will be held in April, 2 Saturdays, 4/14/12 and 4/28/12, from 9 am to 5 pm. This class is for those who certified as Reiki Level II, practitioners. Reiki II refreshment: Review of Symbols and… Read More

KOMYO REIKI & DEEDS, to ponder

Hyakuten Inamoto Sensei (Founder of Komyo Reiki Kai) emphasizes again and again the importance of DEEDS : What you think, What you say, What you do, Mental, verbal & bodily DEEDS, All which make you a good Reiki… Read More

Period of Silence…Reiki Healing

Away from the familiar world to attend a parent who needs care. Reiki Healing helps me tremendously when I was emotionally and psychologically touched by a suffering of a parent. Seeing one of my parents in pain and… Read More

Reiki & me in 1998:

Reiki and Me in 1998: I was visiting my family in my home country, Myanmar (Burma) and met Susanna (my 1st Reiki Master) through my high school friend. She worked as a Physician, in  one NGO, providing care to… Read More