Komyo Reiki Retreat 2020

Join Hyakuten Inamoto, founder of Komyo ReikiDo International in Myanmar

To commemorate the birthday of Inamoto Sensei, Komyo ReikiDo retreat will be held in Myanmar. All Reiki practitioners, Reiki teachers, Komyo Reiki practitioners and Shihans are invited to join this retreat.

This event was postponed

Komyo Reiki Retreat: some tips for your stay

Where do I start: there’s no beginning or the end when preparing/ organizing for Komyo Reiki Retreat.

Coordinating Sensei’s travel & stay as well as each participant’s travel plan/itinerary, diet and room preference is all ongoing. As registration process is on the way for some Reiki Masters , choice on rooms are more & more limited.

Komyo Reiki Shinpiden manuals are also en route for the Class.

Here’s some suggestion on clothing: Dai Bosatsu Zendo is located in Catskill mountains, at >2000 feet above sea level, mornings and evening would be cool. Layered clothing is suggested( that’s too for covering with Robe in formal events), also bring a light jacket in your suitcase. Loose and comfortable clothes like yoga pants are great in this place. Those who wish to go out for a walk in the nature, insect repellent might be useful. If you are not restricted by weight limitation(those taking plane), bring a small flash light to see your way when walking back & forth between Joraku-An & Zendo at night. If you cannot carry a flash light, do not worry, there are always spare flash lights at both places.

Nights in DBZ are naturally lightened up by moon & stars.

That’s the place where we can admire the whole constellation at night and I personally enjoy that. You can see Venus just above your head and 3 sisters smiling at you.

Oh very important for electro-technocrat, sorry to disappoint you but there’s no cell phone reception. If you really need to call outside world, bring a phone card. There’s a public telephone cabin in Zendo. With advance 4G, there might be some random spots on the mountain where you can catch a reception but so transitory.

Bring all medications/ supplements you are taking regularly.

See you soon.

Wishing you all safe trip.

USUI Mikao, 150 Birthday Anniversary

Once, a Buddhist monk mentions in his blessing prayers for birthday, “Celebrating Birthday” means wishing for long & happy life.

Celebrating Usui’s Sensei’s birthday is a celebration & giving thankfulness, gratitude to Reiki Healing Art or Method called “ USUI Reiki Ryoho” in Japanese. 15 August 2015 will be 150 birthday anniversary of Usui Mikao, the founder of Reiki Ryoho. The celebration includes all reiki community gathering in peace & harmony in memory of Usui Sensei. Commenmoration ceremony will be held in Komyo Reiki Retreat 2015.

Usui Mikao, founder of Reiki, was born on August 15, in the first year of Keio, 1865 A.D. Usui Sensei commonly known by the name “Mikao”, who also known asGyohan, was born in Taniai village (becomes part of Miyama village) in Yamagata county, Gifu Perfecture, into a family whose ancestors were Samurai, of the Chiba clan, Chiba Tsunetane. He was a hard worker and had a varied professional life: business man, scholar, political assistant and more.

“What is Reiki Ryoho?” Usui Sensei’s explanation: Is Mind Body Improvement, Secret Method to invite happiness, Miraculous medicine to cure all diseases. By taking in the teachings of the Meiji Emperor, achieving our Principles, intending to train and develop the mind and body, firstly the mind should be healed and secondly the physical body be made healthy so as to walk on the right path of humanity. If the mind is healthy, conforming to a path of integrity, then the body becomes sturdy of it’s own accord. The mission of Usui Reiki Ryoho is to enhance mutual well-being of one’s own and of others, on one hand, by fulfilling a peaceful and joyful life mentally and physically and on the other, healing the sick.

“How does Usui Reiki Ryoho work?” Usui Sensei’s explanation: I have not been taught this art of healing by anyone under the heavens nor have I studied in order to obtain this mysterious ability to heal. I accidentally realized that I was given this mysterious healing ability when I felt the great power and was inspired by the mystery during fasting. [referring to his meditation/satori experience on Mount Kurama in Kyoto] Therefore, even as the founder, I find it difficult to give a sure explanation.

Thanks to Translation of Inamoto Sensei (Hyakuten Inamoto, founder of Komyo Reiki Kai) for above text in Reiki Ryoho Handbook in Japanese.




2015 Komyo Reiki Retreat: Update on registration

To All Reiki Masters/ Teachers and Practitioners who are interested in joining Komyo Reiki Retreat 2015:

On Registration: The spaces filled up faster as we are appoaching to the Retreat, which will be at the weekend of mid-August 2015.

Some requests to join the Retreat also come from Reiki practitioners who are not at the level of Master/ Teacher yet.

Thank you All for expressing your interest to register. this is the Retreat for all Reiki Master of all lineages. Komyo Reiki Shinpiden (Teacher) class is an upgraded level for Reiki Masters.

An exception for this year’s retreat is all Reiki Practitioners are welcome to participate the retreat to celebrate 150th Birthday Anniversary of USUI Mikao, founder of Reiki. They can register at Retreat Participant.

My GRATITUDE to all those helping me in spreading the words, my colleagues and friends Reiki Masters, Komyo Reiki Shihans and the Energy of Reiki.

Like one of my colleague Reiki Masters states: We’re all being very selective about who we ask and focusing on Reiki people who we feel could sink seamlessly into Komyo with their whole hearts, minds and souls.

That’s exactly what I am doing with all those wish to register. It is important to have  numbers of registration, to make this event  happen, but also primordial for us to have Reiki people dedicated to become a Komyo Reiki Shihan (Teacher) .  Reiki Masters Teachers who are committed to look at their own spirituality, who are based their Reiki practice on Five reiki Precepts: Peace, Serenity, Devotion, Honesty and Gratitude.

To Future Komyo Reiki Shihans: There are only 2 spaces left…..

Komyo Reiki Retreat: Nurturing the Nurturers

Komyo Reiki Retreat is for Reiki Masters Teachers/Reiki Practitioners, Healers, Health care Professionals, Nurses.

We live in the world of distractions, gadget oriented life and constant external solicitation, the only way to go within is to withdraw from the world of distraction.

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about how we nurture those who nurture others. All caregivers know what “burn-out” is. It’s widely known in healthcare setting but applied also for whoever who gives care to others, includes mothers, housewives. But more is needed to offset the potential for a caregiver feeling chronically overwhelmed or to avoid “burn-out.”

The first aspect is the Retreat: retreating from the routine( distance and space wise), activities, from the aspect of DOING. Focusing on self, on practice, on Reiki (Komyo Reiki) Practice. Nurturing yourself in Nature, surrounded by like minded people, in the presence of Hyakuten Sensei, in proximity and in introduction to Zen practice, enjoy having delicious vegetarian meals. Above all these, practicing and learning Komyo Reiki in authentic Japanese monastery, is the essence of Komyo Reiki Retreat.

Komyo Reiki is a gateway to spiritual awakening and to Satori(Enlightenment).

This reiki retreat is to move ourselves closer to the gateway.


Strategies for Nurturing

What are specific ways that management can nurture the nurturer?

  • stress management and self-care, physical exercise and psychological healing into personal development, promotes general well-being.
  • Providing one self “mental health days” as part of leave acknowledges the difficulty of dealing with job stress
  • Offering one self periodic “retreats” away from day to day responsibilities


Making time to Nurturing the nurturers: Who is nurturing the nurturer? Who is making sure that you are getting the time, attention and emotional support that you need and deserve

It’s OK to have needs. Next, decide who in your immediate world you can reach out to for nurturing. In some cases, there may be no obvious choice to fill this role for you.That’s OK, too. There is still you and you have a powerful position. You can allocate some of the time you are using to nurture others and reserve it for yourself.Set aside some you-time for an exercise or yoga class or a walk or for reading a book. Maybe it is eating lunch with a friend. Maybe it is two 15-minute meditations, Reiki, you do by yourself. Even talking on the phone with a woman friend can be very therapeutic.What you do isn’t the goal. It’s taking time to restore yourself and your “self,” to focus on you and not on them. Every nurturer needs to be nurtured. Are you making you-time to nurture you?

To be continued…

Komyo Reiki Retreat

With deepest gratitude, we invite you to join Komyo Reiki Meditation and Healing Retreat in Dai Bosatsu Zendo, a Zen monastery located deep in the Catskill mountains, near Livingston Manor, New York.

Komyo Reiki Shinpiden (Reiki Teacher) class will be taught by Hyakuten Inamoto, founder of Komyo Reiki Kai from Kyoto, Japan.

Dai Bosatsu Zendo is a large estate with over 1,000 acres of maple forest, with a pristine Catskill lake and teeming wildlife. The monastery was built and designed like the Zen temple in Kyoto, Japan.
There is also Joraku-An, a guest house by Beecher Lake, where different wellness retreats take place.
Dai Bosatsu mountain is also known as native american healing ground in the past.

We will study and practice Komyo Reiki with Hyakuten Sensei in a spiritual and enlightened atmosphere. It includes Komyo Reiki Shinpiden class, slideshow with history of Reiki, Reiju(attunement) practice, Reiki share, Zen meditation and chanting, communing with nature, eating delicious vegetarian meals.

This 2015 Komyo Reiki Retreat is dedicated to 150 Birthday Anniversary of USUI Mikao, founder of Reiki. And this year’s retreat is opened to all reiki masters/ practitioners of all lineages.

On August 15, 2015, 150 Birthday Anniversary of USUI Sensei will be commemorated (Details TBA).
Komyo Reiki Shinpiden(Teacher) class is an upgraded level for Reiki Masters/ Teachers of all lineages.

Komyo Reiki Retreat: Registration

Once again, I am grateful for all those helping me manifesting this event.

As we are approaching to the end of April, some material aspect of this Komyo Reiki Retreat  coming into play.

Only those who registered ( with deposit of 1st & 2nd installments), would have their space reserved.

Except the returning Shihans from previous Komyo Reiki Retreat ( those who are repeating Shinpiden class, with Hyakuten Sensei), can be registered with deposit of $410, for room & board.

Following your email or call, a seat will be held for you for 10 days until your deposit is received.

We are less than 4 months away from the retreat, Only 6 spaces left for Shinpiden class.

Komyo Reiki Retreat: Registration-Discount till 04/30/15

Few words on registration of 2015 Komyo Reiki Retreat:

Take advantage of discount rate till 30 April 2015.  And of course shared rooms with 2 beds until it lasts.

Private Rooms were quickly sold out.

Reminder for oversea participants( So far japan, Europe): $100 Rebate applied.

First come first serve basis for repeating Komyo Reiki Shihans.

150 Anniversary- Reiki Community in Peace & Harmony

Pondering on celebrating 150th Birthday Anniversary of USUI, Mikao, founder of Reiki, all Reiki practitioners of all lineages are invited to 2015 Komyo Reiki Retreat. It is time to have Peace & Harmony within Reiki Community. The teachings of Hyakuten Inamoto, founder of Komyo Reiki is based on the simplicity and profounder of Reiki, which does not need anything else than

“Place your hands”, “Surrender” and “Smile” (There is no room for any techniques and/or other things. Reiki is all we need) 

The further from the Ego, the purer the Reiki (conduit) will be.


Here is an article on Creating Harmony in the Reiki Community”, written by William Rand and Laurelle Shanti Gaia, The International Center for Reiki Training.

Excerpt: The next important step must come from within the Reiki community. Negative competition within and between some Reiki groups is a limiting factor that is causing unnecessary difficulties between Reiki people. This attitude greatly reduces the good Reiki could provide to relieve suffering and heal the planet………………………………………………………………..

It takes courage to make changes in yourself and in your Reiki community, but the effort is well worth it. To begin this process, one must refuse to pass on negative rumors about other Reiki people. Then allow positive thoughts and feelings to develop and be expressed toward other Reiki groups. Begin sending Reiki to create harmony between all Reiki people. Use Reiki to release fear and heal yourself. Trust in the goodness of other Reiki people. Trust in life and in the power that creates it! While this may seem difficult for some to do, remember, you will be successful because Reiki is powerful! As soon as you decide to commit to it, positive forces will manifest, making the process easier than you thought.


And on What is Reiki by International Center of Reiki :

Excerpt: While Reiki is not a religion, it is still important to live and act in a way that promotes harmony with others. Mikao Usui, the founder of the Reiki system of natural healing, recommended that one practice certain simple ethical ideals to promote peace and harmony, which are nearly universal across all cultures.

 My Gratitude to all my Reiki Teachers _/\_