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In memory of Shihan Sister, Ellen Phillips, Elly. This is her last writing on her Blog. I will miss her and her rare talent of writing. And she will be with all of us in this retreat, in spirit.

What is the sound of silence? January 20, 2015

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It’s not easy to be quiet, or be in quiet, these days. Unless you live in a monastery, it’s practically a lost art. We all know it’s good for us. At some point, we’ve all heard someone say “It’s so loud in here I can’t hear myself think!” We know we must find quiet to recharge, to be able to truly hear the people who need our attention, to hear birdsong. But we’ve become part of a culture that tries to fill every second with sound, activity, excitement. How can we find “the beauty of God”? …………………..

………………….Once you’ve chosen your spot and turned off as much noise as possible, just sit. This is the hardest part.

………………….Your goal here is “for mind and body to drop away,” at least while you sit, and for quiet to gather within you. Every time you do it, it becomes easier to drop into silence. And when you come out, it becomes easier to hold that silence in yourself.

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  1. karen

    Certainly, meditation becomes easier with the quiet and peace we experience through Reiki Ryoho. Thanks to Reiki Teacher Ellie, our colleague and fellow Komyo Reiki Retreat attendee. Going ‘on retreat,’ whether to a monastery or vacation spot where we can ‘step away’ from the daily ‘hustle, bustle and noise,’ also makes it easier. Ellie will be missed and lovingly thought of at this year’s Komyo Reiki Healing Retreat. Looking forward to sharing Reiki, peace, and quiet with those attending. Thank you Thin Thin, for sharing these beautiful words and lessons from Ellie. And for the opportunity to enjoy Reiki, Meditation and Peace in such a beautiful setting. ~ Gasshō

  2. Komyo Reiki Kai-Retreat

    Thanks Karen.
    Elly will be surely missed in the upcoming retreat and in our hearts. Gassho…

  3. youngin Esther Cho

    I will be attending 2015 retreat from August 14th and looking for someone that can give me a ride from New York city area. I will be happy to share the cost.

    • karen

      Hi. Okay if I post young in Ester Cho’s request on KRK FB pages? Karen

      • youngin Esther Cho

        Hi, Karen. I posted it myself. i hope I did it right. thank you!

        • karen

          Looking forward to seeing you at Komyo Retreat and Celebration.

          • youngin Esther Cho

            yes! I didn’t know you will be attending. looking forward to meeting you and sharing this blissful event.

    • Komyo Reiki Kai-Retreat

      Hi, I replied you already. But you can always post this on KRR FB page.

  4. Rob Hays

    Thank you for posting this remembrance of my beloved partner, Elly Phillips, who took my heart with her when she passed away June 2, 2015. Elly’s ashes were buried June 15 in Springfield, Ky.

    Anyone interested in reading the eulogy for Elly or in learning details about a remembrance celebration on what would have been her 60th birthday, on Oct. 11, should email me.

    • Komyo Reiki Kai-Retreat

      Hello Rob,

      Thanks for sharing on Elly’s passing.

      She also left me with broken heart. She was expected to attend the upcoming Komyo Reiki Retreat, as per our last email exchange.
      She will be missed and commemorated during this retreat.
      P.S: You are very welcome to be with us, on Saturday evening. Kindly let me know.
      She’ll be happy to see all of us together.

      • Rob Hays

        Sorry, I did not see your post until much later than your Saturday event. Thank you for honoring Elly and for being her friend. — Rob

    • karen

      Hi Rob. Your Elly is surely missed by many and we will be remembering her at next week’s Reiki Retreat. I have a photo to share with you if I have your contact info. My email is [email protected]. We will have a special remembrance for Elly during the retreat. May you find comfort in many beautiful memories of a beautiful woman. Karen

      • Rob Hays

        Thank you, Karen. Sorry I did not see your post until today, Sept. 10. My email is [email protected]. I will also contact you at the address given. — Rob

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