Komyo Reiki Retreat: Nurturing the Nurturers

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Komyo Reiki Retreat is for Reiki Masters Teachers/Reiki Practitioners, Healers, Health care Professionals, Nurses.

We live in the world of distractions, gadget oriented life and constant external solicitation, the only way to go within is to withdraw from the world of distraction.

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about how we nurture those who nurture others. All caregivers know what “burn-out” is. It’s widely known in healthcare setting but applied also for whoever who gives care to others, includes mothers, housewives. But more is needed to offset the potential for a caregiver feeling chronically overwhelmed or to avoid “burn-out.”

The first aspect is the Retreat: retreating from the routine( distance and space wise), activities, from the aspect of DOING. Focusing on self, on practice, on Reiki (Komyo Reiki) Practice. Nurturing yourself in Nature, surrounded by like minded people, in the presence of Hyakuten Sensei, in proximity and in introduction to Zen practice, enjoy having delicious vegetarian meals. Above all these, practicing and learning Komyo Reiki in authentic Japanese monastery, is the essence of Komyo Reiki Retreat.

Komyo Reiki is a gateway to spiritual awakening and to Satori(Enlightenment).

This reiki retreat is to move ourselves closer to the gateway.


Strategies for Nurturing

What are specific ways that management can nurture the nurturer?

  • stress management and self-care, physical exercise and psychological healing into personal development, promotes general well-being.
  • Providing one self “mental health days” as part of leave acknowledges the difficulty of dealing with job stress
  • Offering one self periodic “retreats” away from day to day responsibilities


Making time to Nurturing the nurturers: Who is nurturing the nurturer? Who is making sure that you are getting the time, attention and emotional support that you need and deserve

It’s OK to have needs. Next, decide who in your immediate world you can reach out to for nurturing. In some cases, there may be no obvious choice to fill this role for you.That’s OK, too. There is still you and you have a powerful position. You can allocate some of the time you are using to nurture others and reserve it for yourself.Set aside some you-time for an exercise or yoga class or a walk or for reading a book. Maybe it is eating lunch with a friend. Maybe it is two 15-minute meditations, Reiki, you do by yourself. Even talking on the phone with a woman friend can be very therapeutic.What you do isn’t the goal. It’s taking time to restore yourself and your “self,” to focus on you and not on them. Every nurturer needs to be nurtured. Are you making you-time to nurture you?

To be continued…


  1. Karen Pischke

    Well put Thin Thin. I am looking forward to this retreat in a most peaceful setting. Thank you for arranging!

  2. Kirsten

    Thank you for sharing Thin. Important gentle reminders always appreciated. In Peace.

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