Komyo ReikiDo

What is Reiki?

Reiki(Raykee as pronounced in Japanese) is a Japanese term.


    means something mysterious, ethereal, transcendental, and sacred.

“Ki” means the atmosphere or something subtle or the energy (of the universe).

The Japanese word, kanji 霊 気, can be defined as an ethereal, transcendental and sacred energy of the universe, which sustains all life.

Reiki Ryoho( Reiki healing art ) and the founder, Usui Sensei:
REIKI RYOHO is the art of hands-on healing by means of channeling the
energy of the universe, and it is a twofold practice, a healing practice and a
spiritual practice.

Komyo Reiki can be directly translated as ” Enlightenment Reiki”

Komyo Reiki is a gateway to spiritual awakening and to Satori(the absolute inner peace).
Komyo Reiki is a “Hayashi Shiki (style) Usui Reiki Ryoho.”
Komyo Reiki is a “keep-it-simple” Reiki system and practice. The simplicity is the key to the Truth. The practice motto is: “Place your hands”, “Surrender”, and “Smile”… . The simple aspect of practicing Reiki is taught by Hyakuten Inamoto, founder of Komyo Reiki from Kyoto/ Japan. Sensei Inamoto emphasizes on less Ego aspect when practicing Reiki. It’s not simple as it’s described. Spiritual practice is the one which leads to less Ego.

Komyo: Great light or Enlightenment

Reiki: Energy of Universe

Do: Spiritual path or Way

Komyo ReikiDo: Komyo ReikiDo (pron. Koh-m-yoh Ray-key Do) was developed & founded in Kyoto Japan by Japanese Buddhist Monk & renown international teacher, Hyakuten Inamoto.

There are four levels in Komyo ReikiDo System.

Shoden (First Level): Basic knowledge about Reiki, receiving Reiju (attunements) to become a Reiki practitioner

Chuden(Second Level): Learn three “Shirushi”, Symbols

Okuden(Third Level): For Teacher candidates and/or Reiki practitioners who want to deepen an understanding of Reiki Ryoho and develop the inner growth, Will be given the forth shirushi or symbol after receiving Reiju

Shinpiden(Teacher/Shihan): Learn to become/be a teacher